What do you consider to be the three most important factors the courts consider when awarding alimony?
In our situation my stbx of ten years earns approx. 45k to my 75k. I supported her both financially and emotionally our first year of marriage while she attended college getting her teaching certificate, so employment for her is not a issue. I owned the house prior to the marriage, so she’ll be looking for somewhere to live. I offered to pay off all her debts and pay the downpayment on a condo, but she declined. This offer would have provided her almost 3 times the cash that she’ll receive in an ED.
Is the difference in salaries enough to warrant support, or can other factors outweigh this?



The court considers all the factors in total, so this answer really depends on your circumstances. Generally, they look to see if there is a supporting spouse and a dependent spouse. Then they look to see if there is an ability to pay. If adultery has occurred, the dependent spouse will not receive alimony. The length of the marriage also impacts how long alimony will last.

There is enough difference in your incomes to warrant an award of alimony, whether by direct payments to her or direct payments to various marital debts.