I worked in a tax office part time myself for a couple years. If you have his information, and as you said they are simple, try working the papers both ways and see which way you come out better. If you have an accountant or just someone that has a tax program it shouldn’t be difficult to plug in the information and see how the numbers come up.
I would suggest that filing married separate would be in your best interest though since you have been separated for most of 2006. I think that you have to be married for 6 months+ to file married for the current year and divorced 6 months + to file single. Either way, you have to file married for 2006.

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My husband and I have been separated since Feb. 18, 2006. We have one daughter, 14 years old. We will have a separation agreement in place within a few weeks and will be divorced by the end of March 2007.

I have a job at a financial institution. My husband is a teacher. He also has income from a couple of self-employment jobs, mostly some book review work for the schools and some sports card sales. His self-employment has decreased our tax refund every year and a couple of times has caused us to owe the IRS.

Our taxes are simple and straightforward. Other than some charity donations, our only deduction is for the mortgage interest. The house is in both names, but he is giving up all rights to it, and I have been making the payments by myself since March of this year.

Would it be better to file jointly for 2006, or file as married filing separately?