Temporary Order

You may file a motion under rule 60, Relief from judgment or order. If the order entered is not reflective of the Memorandum of Judgment you agreed to. This is possible whether the differences in the Order a clerical mistakes, or if you believe the order is inconsistent with the memorandum based on the other attorney

How can I go about doing that on my own?

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My ex and I went to court on 08/06/08 and entered into a temporary order for visitation. The temporary order was hand-written, signed by me, my ex, both attorneys and judge.

My ex’s attorney said he would “flesh-out” the order and submit. Ex’s attorney submitted a version a couple of weeks later that was not what was agreed to - my attorney notified him of the issues I had.

I didn’t hear anything again until a couple of days before Thanksgiving (two months later) - my ex’s attorney submitted a mmodified version - again not what we agreed to in court.

My attorney said I had two options - accept as is or see the judge - I told his assitant verbally and I wrote my attorney and e-mail stating I wanted to go before the judge.

I received a copy of a letter from my ex’s attorney to my attorney today. It states that the second version of the order was submitted to the Court and that he never received any objection from my attorney.

The order is not what we agree to in court on 08/06/08. What can I do now?