The ex got a job -- can child support be modified?


The amount of child support my fiance agreed to in his separation agreement was based on him being the sole provider. His ex just told us that she got a job. Now that she has an income, can child support be modified? Does she need to make a certain amount or be employed for a specific period of time? How do we go about changing it?


Be careful with that. Yes it can be modified, but it could also go up according to her income and child care costs. I suggest you use either the calculator on this site or at the NC child support site first.

For example, my ex would have paid $521 per month with both our incomes and me not working and paying for child care. I have a job now and when we go to court he will find based on the guidlines it’s going to be between $670 and $711 per month.


You may be able to modify the amount of child support if it has been 3 years since the last order was entered, and if the new amount of support as calculated by the guidelines is different by 15%.
I suggest that you do run the numbers on our on-line calculated before you deiced whether or not to file a motion.


How can we find out how much money she’s earning so that we can use the calculator?


You will have to ask her.