I wish something could be done about these idiots too! Someone has WAY too much time on their hands for sure. It appears it’s the same idiot with 4-5 different screen names!


“they” are the same person.it’s easy to see,i am guessing it is a woman. she is off her medication.and she’d really like to tell her story but she’s shy. hello, yes we have all noticed you, go now back to your favorite sights, good girl.


When was it called back? [:0]

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We are sorry for the behavior of others and we are trying to delete the posts as we note them. This is a common practice on forums and blogs all over the world…we just hate to see it here, as it slows us down and take our time.

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Is there something Mr. Lee Rosen or Janet can do about these casino idiots? They post the stupidest replies to messages, causing people who need real advice to get their responses later. Can you block them or something??

Casino people… can you not go to a less important forum on a different site? These attorneys are very busy, and the people who post are obviously in serious need of legal advice. I think I speak for many when I say you are being very rude!!