Unethical or just screwed?

The attorney had to state the basis of his motion for the continuance in his motion. That motion was viewed by the Judge made a decision regarding the continuance based on his motion. If you believe that the attorney stated something untrue in his motion before the court then you can bring that to the attention of the court, if the basis of the attorney’s motion is true, it is likely the court would have granted it even if you did have a chance to be heard.

I would actually have to review the letter and other filings to give you any further opinion.

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Ok. Quick refresher. Being sued by ex for Absolute divorce, child custody and child support (all in one motion). Ex is paying too little support. I scheduled hearing for temporary PSS and child support before permanent trial after filing my counterclaim.

Ex’s atty. knew of this temporary hearing date (December 31) since Nov. 19. I receive letter from his office that enclosed spouses reply and motion for continuance on this temporary hearing.

I receive atty’s letter late December 19 after work from the mailbox. This letter says that I have FIVE days to respond in writing to his office and the court to object to the continuance. Among his reasons for wanting to continue are that atty would be out of town on this date. In fact, he left town the following morning and was unreachable so no letter within five business days would reach him anyway. I called his office early Friday morning (Dec. 20) to see how I might contact him. Incommunicado! Count with me. Too late to get something done on Friday, Sat-closed, Sun-closed, Mon-closed, Tue-closed–atty gone all rest of week.

Anyway, several problems here! I DID in fact object in writing within five days (exactly on the 27th)to the courts and mailed post-stamped copy to atty.

My argument for objection to continuance---------

Atty. knew well in advance of his absence and therefore could have asked for continuance much earlier than this. Therefore, this was prejudicial to me in that I will have to wait even longer before getting an increase from spouse (he currently pays approximately 50% less than he should according to the calculator and NC guidelines).

I am pro se and therefore, from a legal standpoint on representation present no threat to the ex and him appearing alone. I’m sure his atty. discussed this matter with him in detail earlier anyway.

THE CLINCHER: After filing my objection, I called early on the 28th to be sure that my objection got before the judge since we were scheduled to be heard on Monday. I was informed by the court that continuance had already been granted and that, in fact, I only had TWO days to reply and if my objection had been to the court on the previous Friday, I had a good shot at still being heard. ATTY. lied to me on his letterhead saying I had FIVE days to respond. Additionally, he did not file his secured leave with the court. This is not the first time his atty. has been what I think shady. I was not properly served on another occasion. Verbally lied to on several others, etc. Ex says my only contact is through his atty. NO CALLS are EVER returned.

Any advice? Do I have any recourse against the ex or his atty?

What is your advice. Do I have any recourse?