Unverifiable Income


How much do you want to pay for a Panamanian attorney?


Do you have knowledge that would work or are you saying that might be an option? I would pay whatever amount. I believe what he is hiding from the IRS is well worth the expense! I don’t even know if that would help since the business is not in his name and he says there are no records of him personally receiving money from any source. Are they ways to find this stuff out? Thanks!


There are ways to find ANYTHING out. But you will need a very good attorney in North Carolina first. I would try to find an office that has experience in international affairs–Raleigh or Charlotte would be your best bet. The NC atty would be the anchor for the case, and he would hire a Panamanian attorney to help you get the information you need.


Can anybody else offer me any options in this matter? He is claiming that he can purchase a house cash (which I believe because he just prurchased a car cash and whenever I ask for additional money for our son he provides it readily). He says there is still no court that is able to trace any of this to him. Any suggestions? Thanks!


So what are you trying to do? Get the IRS involved or get more child support, it seems that hes taking good care of his child financially and he probably will get a really good attorney team to deal with your allegations, so you might want to really think before you ask. Apparently hes good at what he does and if he doesn’t want you tp know and you haven’t in the past don’t think getting access to his financiall documents is going to be easy,probably impossible


There are many attorneys experienced in investigating the issue of hidden income. I suggest that you hire one to help. You should calculate the potential for gain and evaluate that number relative to the costs of purusing the support before making a decision as to whether to move forward.

Good luck.

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I am actually afraid that once I file for divorce (he does not want a divorce which is why he has been so readily throwing money at me) that once I file he will suddenly stop helping me when I need him to and he will only pay the agreed amount of $300 a month. When the agreement was signed the court said he should pay almost $600 a month but I knew he was not making a lot of money THEN so I reduced it voluntarily to $300.00. He does provide financially for our son but that is it and I am afraid that when I tick him off and file for divorce that will all stop and he will try to screw me and REDUCE his support amount. That is what I am trying to avoid by getting access to his financial information that he will hide as income.


If he has applied for a loan at a US bank, he will have had to supply an income statement to the bank. Usually when people are trying to get a loan, they give ALL income and sometimes even exaggerate it so the bank will be more likely to give approve it. NC Child support enforcement uses loan applications to calculate child support. That may be an option.



My husband has property and money (a lot of it) in Panama and registered through ‘his’ company with no proof of his income available to the IRS. How can I obtain this information for Child Support calculation?