Very Confused

Basic Story:

Ex misunderstood a comment made about me moving away and filed for emergency custody my mother was involved and was granted temp. custody until a permanent custody trial could be heard. Ex later dismissed the petition for emergency custody. It has been 2 years since the temporary hearing and we are yet to go to trial, so my mother still has custody and is destroying my daughter.

My questions:

Does the temporary ruling not go away at this point, since he dropped the charge?

If not, what is the next best step to get this heard as quickly as possible?

My ex and I want to hire an attorney together, but wanted to know if Rosen still offered the monthly payment plan for us to do the legwork and rosen to just be on the sidelines?

Please help!

No, the order stands (unless there is a specific expiration date in the same), and you will need to re-file for custody and set a new hearing. Include a claim for temporary custody and get the clerk to schedule a hearing.

We do offer a DIY service with a monthly rate, but in my opinion as case as complex as this is not right for the service and traditional representation would be more appropriate.