Visitation and support?


If your current custody arrangement is contained in a Separation Agreement you can file and initial action for custody and ask that the Court award you more time with your daughter. While judges will look to the Agreement (which is presumed to outline a custodial arrangement which is in the child


Everything I have read leads me to believe the criteria used for Child support are each parents income and also how many overnight stays the child has with each parent during the year. My ex wife says she will let me have my daughter as much as I want, but she refuses to redo our original separation agreement which was drawn into our divorce. That agreement states I only get my daughter every other weekend. I want, and do get my daughter much, much more than that and would like to get our agreement changed. We make nearly the same income so I would like to know what are my chances that a judge would grant me more days…and thus possibly reducing my child support? I have a clean record. I’m a good parent and have a good job.

On top of this, I’d like it changed because she never sticks to verbal agreements we discuss. For instance, in our agreement it says we split holidays… Her interpretation is we split each day…but she’s really only concerned about Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I’m from Ohio and would like to take my daughter their sometime for Christmas, but the ex refuses to let me take her and just tells me to “take her to court” She also never showed for Thanksgiving Day, because “she got busy” at her family and I never saw my daughter Thanksgiving Day.