Visitation / Child Support


I need some advice or speak to someone to discuss options regarding a custody dispute involving my ex wife. We have joint custody of our 9 year old daughter. She has primary custody and I am to have visitation every other weekend, and one night a week following my weekend visit. Additionally, we are to alternate the major holidays and I am to have her for a week during the summer. We have had numerous issues regarding this visitation/child support over the last several years. However, my ex has recently denied me my last three weekend visits (2/23) was the last time I saw my daughter, sighting her perceived issues with the “safety” of our daughter in my care due my past/present history. This past Friday(2/20), we exchanged several emails regarding me picking my daughter up on Saturday morning for the weekend and she stated that she was unwilling to release her to me unless I agreed to her terms which is what was discussed in emails. When I told her that denying my visits was in violation of the terms of our separation agreement, she replied that she was planning to file a motion with the courts to modify the agreement. This agreement is not court ordered or registered with this court system. I am seeking consultation, and researching family lawyers in the Raleigh area. Any advice would be appreciated.