Depending on what the court order says about visitation it’s possible that you could ask him to make the whole trip. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if he refuses to do this, since it’s only one weekend a month. That’s a awful long way to drive for basically only one day with your children. Not knowing what your ex’s circumstance are, I’m thinking that leaving work Friday afternoon to drive 4 hours at best, puts you home what? 9-10:00pm, and then get the kids back home on Sunday at a reasonable hour to get ready for school and work on Monday. Just a thought. Would you be willing or able to do this to spend one day with your kids?


The court order does state that we are to meet each other half way. I know you can not withhold the visitation for non payment of child support. I thought that since he was not paying child support he could use the money to come to Nashville and stay in a hotel with the money he is withholding. He does not work and I guess thinks that since he does not work that he does not have to pay child support.



Please understand that I am not defending anyone who does not hold up their responsibilities. I believe that both parents should be involved in their children’s lives and pay what they are obligated to pay. I do think that sometimes the courts are one-sided and that no matter how much child support is, it never seems to be enough to cover the expenses.
That being said, if your ex doesn’t work, how has he been paying child support up until the last couple of months? Would he be able to afford the drive and a hotel room for a weekend? If he’s recently lost a job is he perhaps trying to get child support modified? Some areas in NC it could take months to find a new job and sometimes what you do find could be far enough that relocating is necessary.
Hopefully, an attorney will respond.


He has just recently lost his job in the last several weeks. So, he has had a job, just not paying child support. I have heard from his cousin that he doing odd jobs for cash. So with that being said no one has any idea of what exactly he is making. Like I said he does have to go to court on 9-22-06 for failing to comply with court order child support and my fear is he is going to have it reduced. Granted he is only order to pay $217.00 per month for the two young children we have. This is awfully low already.



I have moved from NC to TN two years ago. My children go to see there dad one weekend a month. We both have to meet half way (120 miles each one way, 240 miles total trip). My question is… he has not paid child support in several months and therefore, I do not have the gas money to take them half way. Could this pose as a problem if I tell the father that if he wants his weekend visitation then he would have to come the whole to pick them up and bring them home? He has to go to court on 9-22-06 for failing to comply with a court order for child support.