What are my rights?


I have been seperated from my husband now for atleast 11 months. We purchased a house in cabarrus county in feb 2010 with money that I won from a car accident that I was in. There is no mtg on the house. We both decided that we wanted to to sell the house so the house was put up on the market to be sold. I now live in philadelphia and that is where we were married at. My qusetions is what is my rights to the house? Both names are on the deed and he has changed the locks and has refused to give me a key and has also told the realtor to not let me in as well. Is he allowed to do that?


Yes, he has the exclusive right to possession of the home since you moved out. Even though you cannot presently enter the home without his permission, your ownership interest in the same is still valid and you are entitled to half the proceeds of the sale.