What Do I Do Next?


My divorce was finalized on December 14, 2011. My ex-husband had to sign a quit claim deed for our house and I will attempt to finance it in my name only. He also has to provide me with $10,000 from his 401k plan and I can put it into my current employer’s 401k or whatever account I want, as the decree states.
What should I do next now that he has signed the quit claim deed? Should it be presented to my mortgage lender? I am unsure how to proceed.
He has 90 days from our date of divorce to provide me with the $10,000. The decree says that I can put it into whatever account I want, but does that account have to be a qualified retirement account or can it be a checking or savings account?
Certainly I could contact my lawuyer with these questions, but my expenses are already tremendous and I really trying to eliminate adding more to what I am already paying on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Your lawyer is best positioned to answer these questions for you. He is most familiar with the specific facts and circumstances of your case.