What does this mean?


On the Motion to Intervene from the Child Support agency, it states

“Ordering Ogligor to continue to pay child support as previously ordered for the child (Child’s Name) until the child graduates, otherwise ceases to attend school on a regular basis, reaches the age of twenty or is otherwise emancipated, whichever comes first.”

It is clear as mud. Does this mean high “school?” My son just graduated high school on May 19, 2012 and is working.


Basically they were trying to restate the general guidelines for termination of child support in NC. I agree, the way our order looked from CSE, it seemed at best poorly worded, at worst, potential future trouble. A better explanation comes from the NC bar:

[quote]“Child support generally terminates when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. If the child turns 18 before graduation, child support
continues until graduation. If the child graduates before turning 18, child support continues until the child turns 18. Child support may terminate earlier or extend later but only in certain rare circumstances.”[/quote]


If he graduated high school then you should let CSE know, but you’ll still owe any back child support.