What is a "Scheduling and Discovery Conference (ED)"?


The last time I checked, my case for equitable distribution was closed. The divorce was in Sept 07, and the case has been (or had) apparently been closed since 08.
Now I get a letter from her lawyer ( with the same file # that I have as being closed) that I have a family court conference scheduled. I’m flabbergasted that #1 a case can be “unclosed” and #2 that someone can still request ED 6 years after the divorce. Any ideas what is going on ?
Edit – im running around like a chicken with my head cut off looking at paperwork now. I went downtown last summer to file a motion to dismiss, thinking that after 5 years of inactivity, that would be more than enough reason to just get things over with. When I took my triplicates over to the helpful ladies to do whatever they do, I was told that I couldnt dismiss the case since it was already closed. I’ve got a copy SOMEWHERE but this is just driving me nuts. Beyond the fact the file was closed, is there a statute of limitations on ED ?
EDIT #2 – does “laches” apply – here’s something I found:

HELP ME !!! Dear lord, the internet is a horrible place for crazy people to find too much information!


The scheduling conference is a conference the parties have with a court to set deadlines for the case and the pre-trial conference dates and the trial date. A case may be administratively closed, but if the action is not dismissed, it can be reopened for further rulings. Laches does not apply where there is a pending case.