Where do I file?


I have been living in my home state, North Carolina, for a little over the past year. My husband is in the Army and stationed in Georgia. He just came back from a one year deployment and wants to file in Georgia. I want to file here because this is where I’ve been living, and I think that I’ll be able to get separation support. I have no car, and I’ll need to save up for that. I had one before but he messed it up and refused to fix it. Now he has a motorcycle and a truck and refuses to help me with anything. I also have health issues that I need insurance for, and until I am eligible for benefits with my job, I would like to be able to keep them.

With that said, can he file in Georgia? If he does, do I have to sign? If I don’t sign will the divorce be granted?

We have a son that is less than a year old and he wants custody of him. Considering that he has been gone for majority of his life, I shouldn’t have to worry about custody, or should I?


The action should be filed here in NC.