Which state to file?

Yes, you can file in NC. Your spouse still lives in NC, so you can file in NC. My husband lived in VA when he filed for divorce in NC from his ex who lives in NC.

I posted earlier, but want to make sure I clarify. Separation was final March4,2006. I have lived in SC since June1,2005. SC law is you are not a legal resident until 1 year. Since I no longer live in NC can I file for a divorce in NC? I have a lawyer, but he is very difficult to contact and has not given me any answers. My husband lives in NC, but will not file for the divorce. Do I have to wait until June to file in SC? How do I file? Can I file without using my lawyer? Separation agreement states separation was because of adultery by husband.WE agreed to husband giving me a settlement, but nothing has come of that.