Who's legally responsible for debt

I’ve heard to many answers to this question that I’m not sure who is right.

Let’s say that we go to court and the ED order says that I’m responsible for all the debt.

In regards to credit card debt incurred during the marriage.
If the credit card is only in my name, but charges were during our marriage, I assume I’m responsible no matter what according to the order. So the CC company would look to me for repayment no matter what. Is this true?

In regards to cc debt incurred during the marriage, which is in both our names…even though the order states that I’m responsible, if I don’t pay what happens? Will the CC company still look to him to pay?

What if I file bankruptcy, does that affect the order at all?

Yes you are responsible for the debt in full if the same is distributed to you in ED. If you do not pay a debt you are ordered to pay your ex can file a motion for contempt. If the debt is discharged in bankruptcy it would no longer exist.