Why do we have court orders?

LOL I have 13 court orders and not a one has been followed and you know what it dosen’t matter eathier niether were the department of social services mandates, geuss what I honestly beleive we live in Russia and under communisium anymore you give the judge proof and he creates whatever he wants with it I wish they all had to go through this mess of having little and having to give it all !!

( 9 months and still waiting for the total resolve never gonno happen I geuss )

Disbelief in the system

Hey Disbelief
Thanks for the reply I feel you are on the same boat that I am on LOL you are right the system in way to slow and it does not look at the hole picture on what (I hate to say this) the woman say I am not and no way hating woman but the system seems to look at them a little more then the men if I am wrong please tell me but when we where in court she lied so many times and got cought everytime and the judge still listened to her is this right? NO its not she should have been put in jail and fined but no. Now if I was to do this I would have been.
Can any one tell me if they have the same problems men or women please I would like to know
Thank you

You are right. The Court Orders DO NOT MATTER! In my case, the Orders only apply to me and I am a woman that the Court did NOT look after!!! Ex repeatedly takes me to Court for this or that or some other stupid thing. He took me to Court over money that I had PAID him of all things! Sitting there with 30 checks in his hand (I decided to write 30 checks) and complaining about it! How stupid is that?

This is a joke to me why do we have a court order if the other party is not folllowing the order? In this case it is the Plaintiff I have a court order that states that she is no longer works in another county. But she still does work there and have proof even with the children. Is this because she is woman? my attorney even said to me that the courts still look out for the woman is this right? Oh dont even same say yes to me this is not the 60’s anymore this is 2006 I hope just not in the courts eyes. Please some one let me know how they feel about this and have they been though this?
Thank you