Witness Signed False Name to Marriage License

When I married my husband, my adult children were my witnesses. My son was much more against the marriage than I realized and signed his name as XXXXXXX [GO F&*$YOURSELF]

Does this have any bearing on the legality/validity of the marriage?

Thank you!

Nothing in the statutes indicates that an incorrect witness signature is sufficient to invalidate a marriage. You should check with the register of deeds in the county in which your marriage license was entered and figure out if that is an error that needs to be corrected, and if so, how it should be corrected.

Thank you, the county says that as far as they are concerned that it’s not their responsibility to ensure that names being signed are accurate. They make the assumption that the name that is on the license is correct when the document is filed. They said there is nothing that needs to be done as far as they are concerned.

If I understand correctly, there is nothing that needs to be done and that the marriage is legal.