1 Year Waiting Period -Emotional vent

You are not alone in your feeling’s about this. We all had to do it…My ex cheated on me multiple times, I had no desire what so ever to go back to her.

What right does NC have to tell me (or you) that we can’t get divorced?

I am so glad I am out of that state!!

I wasn’t in favor of the waiting period either, but not all cases go smoothly. There are alot of aspects to dissolving a marriage. Kids are a big factor. Even without kids, there are intertwined finances and property. Once the divorce is final, you can’t go back to make something fair if you feel you got the shaft. It makes sense to allow all parties to have time to access their rights and to keep people from getting married on impulse. It SHOULD be a big decision to get married, just as it SHOULD be a big decision to get a divorce.

I feel your anguish!

My wife had sex for 2 years with her lover during our marriage while I was totally faithful. I was advised by my attorney not to get caught dating or anything like that so she couldn’t accuse me of anything improper during the separation… but at the same time she was still getting busy with her lover the entire year.

It’s unfair. We should be able to unschackle ourselves faster from these cruel monsters who used to be our partners.

Is anyone sick of waiting for the year to be over with? I have been separated since Oct. 1, it was completely amicable, we had a separation agreement by Jan. 1. I just want this done with, we are not going to reconcile, we aren’t fighting over anything. I immediately found a therapist to help me through the emotional roller coaster (who maybe I need to see again to deal with this!!!) and saw her for six months.

Why, why is the waiting period so long? I think 6 months is more than sufficient. And I am not supposed to be having intimate relations during this time? This is ridiculous, it is the state infringing on my personal rights!!!