12 Month wait


You can file for divorce one year and one day after date of separation. Then I believe that there is a 30 day period after filing for divorce for contesting. My husband had to wait an extra two weeks for divorce to be final because the courts were close for Christmas and New Year’s, but normally around 30 days after filing.


Are you the one filing for the divorce? If so, you must serve her with the civil summons for divorce. She has 30 days to contest this. After the 30 days, you must go to the clerk of court and request a court date. On our case, the date was 45 days later(I guess it depends on the court case load). On the day of the court case, the judge signed the papers right there and we picked up a certified copy on the next day. These are now framed and hanging in the living room!!!


Once the 12 month time frame for separation is complete when is the divorce final?

Roger D. Congleton