16 Year Old Kicked out By Biological Mother


My step son was kicked out of his home (Mother has custody) last Saturday for fighting with his 9 year old brother. My husband and I were out of town so the mother had him stay with a friend until we could come pick him up the next day. We do not live in the same town but are making it work getting him back and forth to school and to his practices and games. We love having him with us. His mother can’t decide if she wants him back or not and has asked us to keep him another week. He is a fantastic child but we would love to get him into counciling. His mother’s decison has really hurt him. There are many issues between him and his mother and him and his siblings that need to be addressed. I’m really worried about the message his mother is sending to him and the other children by deciding to kick him out of his home. I question her judgement. What should we do from a legal standpoint since we do not have custody of this child? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your husband may file a motion to modify custody based on a substantial change in circumstances.