Children Don't Want to Go Back To Their Mothers


Within the past 3 months I was granted Primary Physical custody of my two children ages almost 12 and 9. My x is in a very unstable relation ship with her exboyfriend but still lives with him b/c she has no where else to go. My x’s on again off again boyfriend has started being very rude to the children and they feel extremely unconfortable at his house. Tonight I told my oldest child she was to ride carpool tomorrow b/c her mother was picking her up and she broke down sobbing and said she didn’t want to go back to that house and she didn’t care to see her mom if she was going to keep them going back to that house. I spoke with her then she went to bed and her younger brother came downstairs and said his sister was in the bathroom crying again. WHAT CAN I DO??? I can’t let her not go, can I? I tried to speak with my x about this a few days ago and she wouldn’t hear it and she says that all is fine and the kids are happy and that she would speak with them when they went back to her on Thursday. They truly don’t want to go back. Is there anything I can do? Please help!


You must allow your wife to have the children pursuant to the court order. In the mean time you may want to consider filing a motion to modify custody based on the situation your ex is involved in and the impact it is having on your children.