EX Wife's Boyfriend


Prior to taking by X to court for Primary care of our 2 children I was able to get my Ex to agree to temp court orders reversing our roles with the children being with me. There was no time limit put on the temp. court order.
Where the problem began was when my X moved in with her b/f and they fought and argued infront of the kids often. They beat each other one minute and say they are splitting up and the next minute they are perfectly fine. They both drink obsessively infront of the children every day. All this is why I wanted the children to be with me the majority of the time in the first place.
I have never spoken with this b/f other than casual “hello”. I have nothing against him at all. WELL my X is somewhat of a liar and tells people what they want to hear inorder for her to get her way. My X lives with this b/f and has for 5 years or so, she has no job,no car, nothing…she’s a gold digger.
So here’s my delimma…one of my children came and told me today that they heard the b/f calling me bad names in front of them. Is there anything I can do about this? This is not the first time he as tried to run his mouth to me or about me and when I say something to her she says just ignore him b/c he’s been drinking!
There is no telling what she has told this b/f of me so I’m not mad at him, I just don’t want him or them talking about me or my wife infront of the children. Is there anyway I can restrict them from going to his home or atleast have a record in court of his actions? How do I handle this???


If your court order contains language that prevents either parent from making disparaging remarks about the other parent in front of the children, or requires them to prevent others from doing so you may file a motion for contempt. If not I suggest that you speak with your children regarding the issue, and make sure that the permanent order contains a provision preventing such alienation.