Ex's new boyfriend

I have written several times on here before and received wonderful advice. Thanks so much.

Here is my current situation:
My ex-wife and I have been divorced for almost 11 years. It has been an absolute nightmare the entire time with her to keep the assigned child visation schedule along with all of the terms of our divorce. I live in Fl while my ex and daughter live in NC so there has always been a distance issue. I am suppose to get my daughter every other Cristmas and for 3 weeks during the summer (I also have her one weekend a month but it is just the long term visits that are issues). My ex wifes’s new boyfriend has decided he is my child’s new “daddy” ( my child is 16). He is refusing to allow her to come to FL to visit me during my appointed times stated she will be at his house and I will have to go through him to get her. He has also repeatedly told my daughter that she doesn’t have to see me if she doesn’t want to. I have messages he has sent me where he admits to this. I know if my ex-wife refuses to allow me my time with my daughter, I can take her back to court for breach of contract, but does the same apply to him? Or is it all on my ex-wife to make him allow my daughter to come with me?

In addition, I feel this man is very unstable. He has repeatedly sent both me and my current wife text messages calling names and making threats. My current wife (to whom I have been married to for almost 8 yrs) has repeatedly told him to leave her alone and to never text her again but he continues. I have alos repeatedly told him that this is none of his concern and to stay out of my business. He appears to have a lot of control over my ex-wife, and therefore my child, and this appear to not be a good thing. What can I do about this?

Your action is against your wife, not her boyfriend. I suggest you file an action for custody, present your evidence to the judge regarding this man’s instability and seek an order preventing your ex from having your daughter around this man.