Please give advice

I have been through a divorce and custody battle with my ex. He was very controlling and there was a lot of mental abuse. It took us a whole year to get the divorce and I was awarded primary care of my daughter. The visitation schedule that my ex has is every 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend beginning on Wednesdays of the month. It’s a crazy schedule and drives me up the wall. I’m actually very grateful that my ex wants to be in my daughters life as much as I do, the problem is he still tries to control me and questions my daughter everytime he has her. If he’s upset with me then he uses my daughter against me. I’m not allowed to talk to her on the phone or he talks ugly about me to my daughter. My daughter (6 year old) cries and hates going to spend the weekend with him but she has to go and I have to just reassure her that everything is going to be okay. This summer she has to go with him for 30 days, which of course he was able to split the time and well he worked it in with his regular weekend schedule so actually he will have my daughter logner then 30 days. It hurts me so much because my daughter is so attached to me and I can’t stand going throught the summer without seeing her for that many days. I get one lousy weekend during his 30 days!! I can’t even plan a vacation. I do have a son from a previous relationship where I have full custody and it’s very hard for my son too. My daugher and son are very close and he hates it when my daughter isn’t around us. Pretty much she’s with her Dad half of the time. Is there anyone out there that is going through this same situation? How do do you get throught it? I don’t think I could ever adjust to this visitation schedule. Can I go back to court once my daughter is holding so I can get more time with her? Besides that I finally found someone I want to marry, he plans on moving in with me. We’ve been seeing eachother for 2 1/2 years. I’m afraid that him moving in with me will just piss my ex off and he’ll do anything he can do take my daughter away from me. Will they grant him primary care because my boyfriend moves in? I’ve been with my job for over 10 years, we live a great neighborhood and I have a car and my own home. Will my boyfriend moving in with me cause me to loose my daughter in anyway? Can my ex take me back to court stating she’s not in a stable enviornment because of my live in boyfriend (soon to be husband)? I love this man but I love my children more and I will do anything to protect my kids. At times I feel my ex will do what ever he can to ruin my happiness. Any advice would be appreciated.