Issues with my ex husband

I have been divorced ( divorced in CT) for 4 years. We all have moved to NC over 2 years ago. My ex husband sees our 7 year old daughter every Friday until Sat. and keeps her until Sunday every other weekend. She gets upset every Friday about going.( Her teacher even sees this) I have recently remarried and my daughter loves my new husband. My ex continues to question my daughter every weekend. This last weekend she came home extremely upset. She told both my self and my parents that her father kept asking her questions about my husband even to the extent of if he touches her. She told him NO. He’s (meaning my new husband) my dad why would he hurt me and he also told her I was a mean, liar, not to listen to me and much more. He is a very controlling man and I get very intimidated by him. He did not pay child support last year he pays much less then he is suppose to now. I don’t take any action because he uses our daughter. But I cant sit back anymore and I don’t know what to do.

Yes, and I would also talk to a psycologist to find out the best way to handle your ex. He sounds vindictive and like he is out to do you and your family harm.

It sounds like you either need a court order for child custody that addresses your ex-husband’s negative comments or you need to enforce the one that you already have. It sounds like his custodial time is already very limited, so I’m not sure how much a court would limit it further, but the fact that visitation causes your daughter distress is concerning. If he is not willing to cease this type of communication voluntarily, you may have no choice but to file a motion to modify his visitation. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area and discuss how to proceed as well as referrals for your daughter.

Were you and I married to the same person? My ex is doing the same thing to our daughters to the point that the girls HATE going over there. My ex has reached the point of desperation and now has called DSS and lodged a complaint with some sick, disgusting allegations against my current husband (their stepdad) and myself. The allegations are gross and of course couldn’t be farther from the truth. But of course DSS has to investigate which in turn is causing major trauma to the daughter that is the subject of the complaint (hoping this will all be over and done this week). Our system is FATALLY flawed in that those of us who have left/divorced due to abuse continue to suffer abuse because our judicial system does nothing to help us. The one time I called the police, they did NOTHING to him except tell him “Sir, you are aware that it is against the law for you to prevent her from calling 911, correct?” because he had broken ALL of the phones in the house). It’s sad and sick and I’m frustrated and I often cry for my daughters because I have NO CHOICE but to let them go to his house every other weekend. My only solace is that they make every attempt to go to other friend’s houses and NOT spend time with him.