My ex-wife is allowing my daughters boyfriend to spend the n



I posted this question in the Legal issues forum:

My ex-wife is allowing my daughters boyfriend to spend the night at her house 3-4 nights per week. My daughter is 14 and I think this is completely inappropriate. I’ve talked to my ex many times about this and she is totally nuts. Is there anything I can do to force this situation to stop?

This is the response I got:

“I would suggest you file a motion for judicial assistance to make the court aware of this situation. Your ex is seemingly putting your child at risk for potential emotional and physical damage”.

I have an appointment next week with a family law attorney.

I’m looking for input, with the exception of this issue I get along well with my ex. I know if I pursue a legal remedy my ex will make it very difficult for me to see my daughter. At 14 my daughter has lots of things going on that are more important to her than spending time with me. I understand that but I’m worried about pushing her away by restricting her time with her boyfriend. I’m looking at it from her perspective, I know its not in her best interest for her boyfriend to spend 3-4 nights per week at her mothers…it’s really crazy that her mom thinks its ok.

Thanks for your input.


We had this happen as well but w/ an older child - 17/18. Without changing custody there is probably not a lot you can do. If there is no good communication between you and your ex and if you cannot talk to your daughter about this there is not much that can be done.