Strange behavior


I’m really surprised no one has replied to you yet. By your written account, it is obvious your son has been present while your ex and his girlfriend are having sex. The first thing you need to do is approach your ex. Explain the actions of your son and tell him you are aware of his irresponsibility. If your ex won’t hear any of it, let him know you are willing to take the matter to outside sources if necessary. Give us an update on how you are handling this issue.


I am surprised as well. I have tried to discuss this with my ex calmly, but he laughs it off. He says that our son must have seen me doing something (he knows me better than that). He acts as if it is no big deal. I have 2 children and NO time for a man in my life, as they need all the time and attention I have. I can honestly say that my children have never even seen me hold hands with someone other than my ex. My attorney says that there isnt anything I can do unless we go through an entire custody evaluation which will take alot of time and she says it will cost over 15,000. I have just been sending my son to his dad’s everyother weekend against my better judgement because our order says that my ex has my son 10 days/mo, but he is only getting him everyother weekend. I dont want to fight with him, and cause him to take full advantage of his time with our son. (I dont even care that he uses the shared custody cs calculator)as long as i get the time with my boy . His gf and him (of 4months) are now recently engaged. I am terrified now that he is beginning to claim that his “2 parent home” will be more healthy than my “single parent home” for our son. I could have gone out and found someone to marry too…but I think that is selfish. My kids always come first and I always felt that any time I gave to someone else would just be time I was taking from my children. I seems as if that may end up biting me in the butt. Any suggestions?? This is a nightmare!!!


My 2yr.old son was at his fathers 2 weekends ago,this past weekend we had his 4 yr old cousin sleep over. While they were watching TV before they went to bed he started kissing her feet and working his head up her legs when he got to her upper thighs he started shaking his head fast. I immediately told him to stop. Then he went to the foot of the bed and said “Im gonna get naked” I told him that if he acted like that or said that he would be in trouble. I then asked “Who does that?” He said “my daddy always do that to (his gf’s name)” We were divorced in January and is living with his gf. They have only been together for 3.5 months. His previou gf moved in w/her 2 kids after only dating 6 months, and she admitted to me that they would have sex in the bed while my son was in the bed. Tomorrow my ex wants to pick up our son and I am very concerned, I know I cant keep him from his father, and if he wasnt making such irrational choices I wouldnt want to, but his dad is making some terrible decisions that I feel I need to protect my baby from. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?