Deadbeat Mom

I received temp court order for primary custody of my 2 children last Aug., although they have been living with we primarily since last June. My x wife doesn’t help me out a dime with the children or any of their activities, I’ve asked her time and time again. She say’s she doesn’t have the money although she somehow found a way to get her long time boyfriend(which she chose over her children) to purchase a brandnew care in his name(bc her credit is horrible)(she say’s shes making pmt and insurance though). My one year mark to turn the temp order into perm order is up in Aug. so should I see my attorney and demand cs or wait till the order is turned into permanant? Also, is there anyway I could get back child support? Our current order says that neither owe the other anything but this was when she wasn’t working and now she is. What should I do?

I suggest you set the hearing for permanent custody and support. If your original complaint included a claim for child support, you may seek back support back to the date you can show her financial circumstances changed after the judge stated no support was owed.

Thanks, in the mean time…the children have small activities going on occasionally. Should I continue to email her and request for her to help out financially with them? I have emailed her in the past and received no such luck. Her response was/is “times are tough and she has to help her boyfriend pay bills so she don’t have the extra money”. Just curious if i should still try and ask so that if she declines then we have record.

Yes, you may and should seek a contribution from her.