Child Support

Last Wednesday I signed an order for child support that was $400 less than what my STBX was originally going to get. The order was based on me having joint custody because she finally decided to let my children see me 3 days a week.

She agreed to the amount on last Wednesday and today I received a call saying that my case has been continued. I called CS and they said that she contested after the agreement was signed.

My question is can she contest an order that she agreed to and signed. She is now going to not let me see the girls so she can have the order changed as if she has full custody. I had already filed a temporary parenting arrangement. She filed for custody when she filed for separation/divorce. Do I wait until the custody portion comes around or should I go ahead and file for joint custody?

What do I do as far as the child support goes? Do I need a lawyer to help me with the child support case?

Thank you!

If the order did not contain language disallowing the withdraw of consent, it can be withdrawn before the judge signs the order. If you already have a custody action pending (which you must if you have a temporary parenting arrangement) the court will schedule the matter for trial. I would advise you to speak to an attorney on both the custody issue and the support issue.

Thank you.
Do I have to go to court if I have not been served? All I have is a voicemail telling me about the court date.

Yes, you have actual notice of the hearing.