Filing Contempt or CSE

Child Support was ordered in January. STBX hasn’t paid anything. My attorney charges $200 to file contempt. I have heard I can go through Child Support Enforcement. What is the process? Will he be ordered to pay the entire amount or will they set up arrangements with him or will he just be sent to jail if he refuses to pay?

Just an FYI from someone who has been through the ringer with CSE and this same issue - $200 to file for contempt is not that bad and you can always ask to recover your attorney fees from your ex since he is not following the Order.

Not sure what area you are in, but my ex was allowed to get to $11k in arrears and CSE never, ever did anything about it. I’ve never stepped foot in a court room other than when he has filed to have his child support reduced, which he has done over and over again, and that hasn’t been granted once. Funny how he can file a Motion to Reduce and I’m in court 30 days later, but CSE can’t seem to be bothered to do anything and when they finally do - I can’t get a court date for 3-4 months.

CSE is good for nothing for the most part - very over-burdened and ineffective. Try to do it without them if you can. Oh and you can have the Clerk of Court issue a withholding order based on your Child Support Order. You can serve it on your ex’s employer and they will garnish his wages and remit directly to you.

I recommend that you go through your lawyer and seek that the court order you ex to pay the attorney’s fees you incur in filing the motion.

Depending on his situation he may be ordered to pay all the back support at one time, or the judge may stagger the payments. He will be sent to jail if he does not comply with the Judge’s order.