Suggestions please

THis may be a stupid question, but have you contacted the child support offices? Why aren’t they just automatically deducting it from his checks? Why is he so in arrears?

the CSE wont do anything b/c there are motions pending with the court regarding this issue. We have a signed order by the judge, but about 18 months ago my ex put in a motion to withdraw the order(rule 60)that was pending for over a year. in Aug 06. he finally filed it, the judge still hasnt made a ruling on it. Therefore, ALL of my contempt motions are pending the judges ruling. It is crazy. I dont care… rule to keep it or throw it out, but make a decision.


Thank you!!!

I have not received child support since Oct '06. My attorney got a court date for march 20th(2 more months[V]). My ex has visitation, but emailed hours before we were supposed to meet to let me know he was going to to forfeit his last rotation. I am raising 2 children on my own, and I dont understand how someone making 200K/year can get away with making us 3 suffer for so long. I really dont know if we can make it another 2 months. I cant get any financial aid b/c my income($1100) and the amount he is “supposed to pay” ($1450/mo.)is over the max. limit. I have already had to dramatically cut our family budget, take out loans, and pick up as many hours at work as possible, which made me have to withdraw both kids from all extra curricular activities only to still not be able to make ends meet. I am venting and asking for anyones suggestions on if there anything I can do to be seen by the judge any sooner??