Re: Child Support Agency

I am currently having another issue with my ex-husband not paying his court ordered child support, so I have consulted an attorney in the county where my order was established (though I no longer live there). When I called CS for an updated order for my attorney and a pay history I was informed that if I hire an attorney CS would no longer represent me. Does that mean my court order is null and I have to start over? What does it mean?

My problem is that the agency will NOT get me an increase or enforce the order so I have no choice other than to get a lawyer. How can they drop me? I also am goign to be seeing if I can get some help with pre-college matters for my son. I have alot of expenses.

Can you advise me on this? I have so many expenses from braces, to dental care to music camps, computers (mac) that he needs for college. My ex is not paying for any of this. What are my chances of getting this in court?

If you hire your own attorney you will still have a valid order, but CSE will allow that attorney handle enforcement of the order. As far as other expenses are concerned, you should be able to recoup whatever monies you and your child are entitled to under the order.

My court order was established by the child support agency. I did not hire an attorney. But what I am finding out is that the order was established on joint custody. My ex-husband has been gone from my son’s life since 2000.

The order was not set up to help with college that I know of, but the pre-college expenses are getting high. What are the expenses the court allows as extrodinary expenses? Is there a list of things such as dental, music camps, instruments, guitar lessons (that are about 200.00 a month) Braces, software for music, trips to North East to interview, transportation. My order was a bare bones order and my Child support agency has never been willing to allwo me to ask for an increase, so the expenses are high.

In his senior year next year he will need to attend a very pricey workshop to prepare him for the audition for college. Is that allowed by the court. His father is not helping with the typical joint/expenses has he hung around so I am trying to see what I can get help with. I still have to pay college tuition. Any advice would be great. I understand my question is long, so whatever you have to offer would be great.

The answer to your questions will depend on the wording of your order. It would be best for you to seek a consultation with an attorney who can review the order and best answer your questions.

Hello and thank you for the data!

I looked at my order last night and basically it is a standard basic order with no mention of anything other than what the law say abotu how long child support can be ordered. I think it said 20 yrs old is the max if my son is not finished high school. As I mentioned before I had no money for a laywer at the time, so I was forced to use the Child Support Agency. When I used them I was NEVER allowed to speak to the lawyer so my needs were not really addressed. My biggiest question is that I more than likley lost out of support through college for my son, but right now I have alot of huge expenses such as prom, music workshop in boston, music equpment, braces and dental care and dental insurance. Are these extrodinary expenses? Do I have any recourse to amend the order now to cover college since I was not really represented?

Will I be able to get some of these expenses met and well as get a raise in monies. My oldest son never got a penny from ex, but where I failed is I should have gotten a private attorney becasue Child Support does not care about the needs of the children if you ask me just that ordered are written.

If you can’t answer my question here I understand I do have an appointment with a lawyer soon, but I wanted to ask here what my chances are to get help with all my expenses for my son.

Finally, I wanted to ask you can I ask the court for legal fees? Would the court award me legal fees paid by ex for this action being brought to court. he is notpaying again so that is also part of it. It will cost me about $2000-$5000 for an attorney. And he is not paying again, so I am hiring a lawyer is a must along with the additional costs for my son’s pre-college expenses.

If payment of extracurricular expenses is not provided for in the order then the other parent doesn’t have to pay. You could go in to court and argue for a modification based on changed circumstances.

Doesn’t every kid get an allowance for extrodinary expenses such as the ones I have mentioned. Does it have to be in the order itself? As I said before Child Support Never would speak to me before court at all. They put me on the stand without telling me what my rights were or asking me beforehand what my expenses are. They just asked me on the stand for a a number of my expenses so I made up a number. How can they do that without even talking with the client first.

What about asking for legal fees? Can I ask for those and ask for a change of circumstances?

What does change of circumstances mean?

You can ask for whatever modification you’d like, but it is up to the judge whether he modifies the order. You should consult with an attorney about your options.