Order from the Judge

I was in court on August 8 regarding a child support modication in which I represented myself. Iwon the modification and the judge stated that she would have the order typed up and she would sign and forward to me and the ex. We handwrote everything out and signed it in the meantime.

My problem is I still have not received the typed, signed order from the judge. The order was to include the new child support + arrears to be garnished from the exs wages on Sept. 1. Please note he had been paying through CSE and never on time.

My concern is that I have not received the order from the judge and of course nothing has been set up to be garnished from the exs wages.

What can i do at this point? Is it appropriate to get a status on the order from the judge? Do I call or write a letter? If the ex does not pay the new amount+ arrears to CSE, claiming ignorance, is there anything I can do?

Advice is needed…