Problems getting court ordered signed and entered


Not sure if this is a topic you cover here, but I was awarded Temporary Child Support in November 2011 to begin on December 1st, 2011. My attorney was to finish the filing during December, but now says he did not get the consent signed by my ex wife and the order sent to the judge until Jan 9th, 2012. According to him, I should have been set up on a payment schedule within 45 days. We are now approaching 60 days, and I have checked with the clerk of court and there is still no signed order in my file from the judge. Does this sound abnormal? What (if any) recourse do I have to find out if he indeed sent the order to the judge? I’m concerned as the clerk of court mentioned 90% of the time such a delay is caused by the attorney not following through, though of course getting a straight answer from my attorney at this point seems unlikely. Any suggestions of what I should do?


Make the payments you heard the judge order, and call your attorney.