Child Support

I am emailing concerning a question I have. We are currently waiting to go back to court for a child custodoy hearing. My question is… In Nov. 2010 I was ordered to pay child support. I have been putting the money back because I was told that I needed to wait for the judge to sign off on the order, and I needed to get a transmittal number. I have still yet to receive one and I found out the judge hasn’t signed off yet. I’m caught between a rock and a hard place because my children are needing things and I’ve bought them knowing I would still owe the full amount of child support.

My issue is, this week my lawyer told me that I needed to get caught up on child support or I would lose credability with the court. It is not my faught. I asked him if we had the order signed and my transmittal number yet. He stated “No”. "Go ahead and write a check to your him and I will make sure his attorney gets it. I did this. Did I do the right thing? Have I hurt my case because I was waiting on what I was told to wait on? Where does the law stand on this?

You should pay support in accordance with the ruling, and not wait on the order to be signed.