CSE not enforcing child support

My exhusband changed jobs mid-January of this year. Since then, child support payments have been erratic, if at all. he paid nothing in after he started the job until mid March, and that was his tax refund should have been going towards the amount he was in arrears for from last year.
at this point, the amount he is in arrears is $1648, with over $600 being from this year. I have contacted Wake county CSE repeatedly, with no results. they keep telling me that they have sent something to his empolyer. six months!
He has told me in the past that I had no right to depend on child support to help pay bills, even though I work in retail and get paid as such.
We were in court April 15, 2003 for contempt of court when he didn’t pay at all for 4 months last year. In light of that, is there not some kind of restriction on allowing him to get behind?
Also, since I went through CSE, is there anything i can do personally to get the ball rolling on this? Or have I given up rights because they are “handling” it?

Child Support Enforcement is the appropriate channel for you to go through, however since it has been six months and they are still trying to verify his income, and since you already have a order in place, you can file a motion for contempt yourself. Or, you can always hire an attorney to pursue the contempt motion as well.