On my way to court


my ex and I have no communication do to a restraining order in place. I currently have primary custody of our four year old and have been very adament about keeping it about HER, not about me and my anger towards him…HOWEVER, she has told me that she has moved in with him (on his weekends) and new girl friend, sleeps in the same bed with girlfriends child and is very upset about not being “with daddy, at daddies house” and often is happy while there, but comes home angry and upset about this issue, as she wants “her bed”. I need to know several things here:

Do I have a right to argue this? Is it worth my time? (I don’t care where he lives, and was once VERY good friends with his new girl friend, though I don’t like the situation, She is not a bad person) If I chose to argue this, do I take it to court, and will a judge laugh in my face because it is my 4 year old who is upset and I have no way to prove it?

maybe somebody can just enlighten me on the legal stand point of this, can he move her in to a new home without notifying me of the residential change, the condition of the home and if my child is being well taken care of? (if she doesn’t have her own bed, what else is she lacking?

ALSO, I can NOT afford an attorney, we have already gone to mediation to no positive end. we are headed to court soon, and I want to know where or who I should contact for a custody evaluation?


Your concerns are legitimate, and your child’s best interests are certainly affected by your ex’s behavior and the environment he is providing for your child.

As a parent you have a right to know where your ex is living to ensure you know the whereabouts of your child.

If you are seeking a custody evaluation you will have to file a motion with the court in order to have a judge rule on that issue.