My “ex” has been ordered by the court NOT to bring his gf around my childrend. The other day, while my kids, myself and my neighbor were outside, suddenly…there he was. Driving to My (I am in the marital home) home with HER in the car. Unannounced. No idea he was even coming by. Abruptly got out of his car. Scared the daylights out of me. My question is…we have a very ugly divorce. Will this be seen as a violation of the order. Clearly states not to have her around children. I told him not to bring her near my house and that she is not allowed near girls per court order. He just laughed. He has been known to violate orders in the past and they just give him another chance. I do think the judge is getting sick of his antics though. Will this be seen as a violation of court order?


What was the purpose of his unannounced visit?


He forgot to give the girls their bookbags and decided to drop them by. He passes by their school to get to my house and could have dropped them off there on Monday on his way to work. Also, he could have come WITHOUT her. He always tries to push it as much as possible.


Actually he told me he was dropping off the bookbag. He told my 7 1/2 yr old daughter he was showing her around. Also, he has been coming around the house (outside only to my knowledge) and has been violent in the past. So has the GF. I was afraid that they were coming to grab the girls and run. He is supposed to get Psych eval and hasn’t yet. His behavior is unpredictable and has a violent past. Has felony dui and felonius injury to passenger being investigated. She has also tried to run me over with her car. This is why I am concerned.


If you believe you are in imminent danger you should call the police. In the mean time you should file a motion to have him held in contempt, and have the judge deal with this behavior.