16 year old kicked out of Ex House and she has his stuff


Can anyone please help me. My ex wife gets $974 a month since our 16 year old son lives with her. A few days ago she kicked him out and removed his keys and any other ways for him to access the home. All of his clothes and other items are still in the home and so far she has refused to do anything. He is now living in my home but does not really know yet that it is permenent. She was carrying his auto insurance and has now canceled it. I now need to quickly get the child support payment removed since I will now need the money to take care of him since I have no bed or anything for him since late last year when we were divorced she got everything due to me being stupid and giving it to her. Yes I let me emotions get in the way of good common sense. She has also refused to pay for my daughter to stay in college so all of the loans are in just my name. She is also getting $1,000 a month in alimony which again I was stupid to give but I know there is nothing I can do about that now. Just need to know what steps I need to take very quickly since my son is now living perm with me and she has terminated all communcation with our son.


If your child support is outlined in a court order you must file a motion with the court for a termination of support based on the fact that your son no loner lives with your ex. If child support is outlined in a Separation Agreement, you may simply discontinue making payments.


The child support is in a court order. Thanks


Is it worth it to try and get my ex to agree that I do not have to pay child support anymore since our son is now living with me and is not welcome at all at my ex’s home ? If she agrees and we both save the cost of court is it legal to do this. Neither one of us have money and I am just trying to find a way to minimize the financial damage. If not then I am hearing it can take up to 60 days for this motion to be heard and I have to keep paying my ex during that time even when our son is living with me. Not sure how I can afford both but I will find a way to make it work I was just wondering if I can ask for the money back since it will be close to $2,000 and right now I am on my own paying for our daughter college. Just looking to know what options I have.


If your ex is agreeable you may simply agree to have child support stop. I suggest you have it in writing and have both of your signatures notarized, in the event she tries to have you held in contempt down the road.