So he moves out after 26 yrs. of marriage. He did this once before, about 15 yrs ago, and yes he was cheating, but I took him back as I loved him and our family.

I worked for him for 25 yrs. He “fired” me a few months before leaving this time, and I was able to find a part time job. We had a joint account that I put in my name, he took me off the business account.

He takes “business expenses” that are questionable, and I want them added to his income… over 100k, mine under 20k. To date he has not given me a dime. I have been living off my income and savings. Says I can have the house, paid for, but all the bills, taxes, etc. are mine, after paying them, I have about $200 a month for food, gas, clothes meds etc.

I have cc statements I found after he left, gambling to the tune of 3k a month. Jewlery stores, hotels, and groceries… didn’t even know he knew where groceries came from. I had NO IDEA he even had that kind of money!

He gave me a car for xmas 04, but is in his name, won’t sign it over, and won’t pay ins. Is another expense I will have to dip into savings to manage if I can get him to sign it over. Ins ends in 10 days.

Waiting on Lawyers replys can be so excruciating!

No underage kids, but I am over 50 and job prospects are slim. I am not asking for the world, but asking for somewhere in the 2-3k per month. Of course he says he can’t afford that. Will the judge look at the cc statements and take them into account??


I am sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. You certainly should not be forced to drain your savings in order to meet your needs. Based on the facts of your case you have a claim for post separation support and alimony.
Once a court determines an amount of support you will be charged with paying your own expenses, such as household bills, car insurance, ect.
The court can require him to sign over title to the car as part of an order on equitable distribution.
The judge will consider his expenditures if you bring them to light, I agree that it goes towards showing that many of his “business expenses” may not be legitimate and therefore showing he indeed has the ability to pay you reasonable support.