AA and CC Statute of Limitations - 3 years begins when?

I know it is 3 years, and I believe 3 years from the last incident, but does that include incidents AFTER separation…

The initial affair began in Aug 09, was discovered in Dec 09. I moved out to 2nd home to give her ‘space’ in hopes of saving marriage in Jul 10 after discovering continued contact. Discovered continued physical affair in Dec 10. Permanently moved remaining possessions out and separated accounts in Jan 11. Last known contact with affair partner around Jul 11.

So, when does the 3 year clock begin? I know a suit is probably a lost cause although he does have sizeable assets, but would like to know for negotiations.

You should be within the 3 years based off of the dates provided. It is determined from the time of the last act which alienated the affection. You should seek counsel on such fact-specific matters. AOA claims are very tricky and need to be directed by an attorney.