Abandonment from husband

Where do I go to file abandonment papers on my husband. I have been married for 4 years. And he has been doing drugs for the last ten months, he lost his job and his parents have been paying our bills. They told me since they have been paying the bills, they have a right to put me out of my house. My husband has beat me ,emotionally abused me and is cheating on me. He has neglected me for sex and everything else a husband should do. He has abandoned me financially too. He is living with his parents and has abandoned our marriage and will not return my calls. He has taken my jewerly and has claimed that everything is his. I need help I have no money, no food.

There is no action for abandonment recognized in the state of North Carolina. It sounds like you need to file an action for support and equitable distribution so that you can get the court to force him to help support you.


Have you ever or did you press charges for domestic violence/assault? Has he been arrested for doing or selling drugs? If so, Have you considered divorce from bed and board?
Also- If your unemployed or work part time, you may qualify for food stamps, they will also give you a referral to get food. Some local charity’s will help pay some bills (on a one time basis)
Do you have children together?
Do you own or rent the home or does His parents own it? If they own it, they have to legally evict you, they are not obligated to pay your bills however. If they have no ownership of the home, they cannot evict you. If there is a mortgage and they are paying it, if they choose to stop paying it, this will effect their son as well… thats why they want you out - so he don’t lose, they want you to lose obviously. Careful staying in a family that knows their son does drugs, cannot keep a job and has issues like this, yet lashes out at you to blame and want to cause you to be homeless. Are you on the deed as a homeowner? You can get a FEMALE roomate to help pay bills. Since your husband left and lives with his parents, he cannot return without asking you. You can call police for criminal domestic tresspassing, also… you can change the locks now…