I am hoping someone will respond to my post on mediation and the confusion I am experiencing from our lawyers.

However, my question about abandonment is pressing also. My husband and I built a home in another state and I experienced a deep depression while living there. After about a year he suggested that perhaps I should move closer to the children and he helped me look for a townhouse in NC and then made a downpayment from his IRA. Both of our names are on the property.

About 8 months after I moved, leaving furniture, clothing and only taking a few essentials, I received a phone call from neighbors that he had left a note on the front door and was contemplating suicide with a gun. My daughter and I went to VA, got him to a doctor and he was admitted to a hospital. I stayed with him and when he was well enough we went to NY to see his mother who he was supposed to have moved closer to him because of her mental health. He decided to stay with her for 6 months and then the children said I needed to step in. They were not doing well and I packed them up to bring them to NC where his mother went into a memory care unit.

Last december he moved out of the townhouse we live in in NC. He had built a new townhouse for himself but neglected to acknowlege on his loan papers that he had a wife who might object to this purchase. We still had the house in VA that was on the market by this time and not selling. I would have objected to three mortgages. I was finally forced to sign the papers for him so he could complete the purchase without facing lawsuits.

At this time he is saying that I abandoned him when I left VA. Would this be considered true in a court of law ?

Based on the facts you list I do not see that he has any claim for abandonment. He purchased the town home for you and facilitated your move.