He moved out in January … He abandoned you it does not matter if you were unable to go to counselling in March the abandonment occured in January by his action.


I lost my house to foreclosure. My mortgage, cars and credit were all in my name and we good until I became disabled. My husband continued to let me handled the bills and watched while I got further and further into a hole. Meanwhile, he was keeping $700-$1000 out of his paycheck “to pay for gas”. I lost my home. He told me he was getting an apartment “just in case”. I had asked him to go to counselling but he refused until we were within 2 months of losing the house. His terms were that we would go to counselling (1) if he got to chose the counsellor and (2) if I agreed to abide by all of the things that the counsellor suggested. He had been seeing his counsellor for 6 months and had fed him a earful. He was totally uncooperative with giving me information needed in the Chapter 13, told me he was getting an apartment “just in case” and moved out in January. The house was foreclosed on and I had to hand over the keys on March 15th. He did nothing to help me clean out the rest of the house or to put things in storage. I can no longer work like I used to and require medications in the morning. Part of the “Reconciliation Agreeement” is that I am responsible for taking my meds. I have a sleep disorder and CANNOT wake up to take them. Now he is claiming that I abandoned the marriage and that all deals are off since I stopped going to counselling. I had 12 days to get everything out of the house and a 1/2 acre yard cleaned usaying that I abandoned the marriage because I refused to go to counselling