Absolute Divorce and ED

My one year one day is fast approaching, 4/7/2014. We signed a consent order that dismissed PSS, ED and Alimony and settled out of court. She had sold everything I had, even her rings that were not paid for. My question is this, do I have any recourse to open only ED up and take her to court? She virtually sold both marital and non-marital property. I intend to file for divorce on April 7th, but wanted to know 1) do I have any rights to ED after absolute divorce and or 2) do I have rights if I move now before filing on April 7th? Thank you in advance!

To answer your question, I would need to review the separation agreement that you signed. If there are outstanding issues between the parties, it may be more appropriate to file a breach of contract action, but that would be determined by the language in the agreement. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss her activities and how best to address them before obtaining a divorce.