Absolute Divorce & Child Support - new baby not mine

I have been separated from my wife for 7 years and we have one child together who is 9.

Question 1. My estranged wife is now pregnant with her boyfriend. Will my name go on the new baby’s birth certificate?

Question 2. If we sign absolute divorce papers will we still be able to renegotiate child support at a later date if our employment/living/family situations change?

No, there is no reason your name should go on the new child’s birth certificate, if you are not the father. If there is some confusion about who the father is, you can always pursue a paternity action.

Obtaining an absolute divorce will not have any impact on your ability to renegotiate and modify child support. Once your divorce is granted, however, any alimony or equitable distribution claims will be lost if not preserved. Considering you have been separated for seven years, this may not be an issue in your case, but I wanted to explain that the divorce will impact those to areas.

you have described the whole situation in a good manner and Lindsay have give you the best answer. i think i will learn so many things just by reading these comments. thanks Lindsay Willis for helping everyone here

You are welcome, I’m glad you the forum helpful.