Absolute Divorce!

The time to answer a complaint can be extended in any civil case, including divorce. The extension is available to protect the defendant’s right to have due process of law prior to any change in her rights, and it has the benefit to you of ensuring that the divorce judgment you eventually get will be valid and not subject to challenge on the basis of any impropriety with regard to your spouse’s rights. Although it is possible that your spouse is trying to delay, you mentioned that there is also a custody claim in that case. Your spouse may legitimately require more time to obtain counsel and respond to the custody claim.

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Why a thirty day extention, in absolute divorce cases? Spouse filed for an extention on the last day of the deadline for the divorce and child custody case. Is this just to give the spouse more time to contest the divorce, or is there other reasons? I did not think that an absolute divorce with OVER one year separation, could be contested. What is going on here? Thanks for any information.